What people say about us...

I work as an occupational therapist with the elderly and disabled local community. Walsingham charity has been a massive help over the years in supporting some of our most vulnerable clients. They are responsive, caring and enable us to access support and funding for those that need it the most. I am truly grateful for Debbie in particular, who goes out of her way to help in particularly difficult situations and has assisted in providing funds for equipment or emergencies when needed. I really don’t know where we would be without Debbie and Walsingham Charity, Thank you so much for everything you do for us!


Whenever I have approached Debbie and Walsingham charity, I have been so thoroughly humbled with her professionalism and speed of undertaking referrals and requests for funding –also with signposting and support with guidance and information. The trustees of Walsingham Charity have been so very generous and helpful to so many people in need, I know they are very grateful  for the funding and support you have offered. I am so very grateful too it helps me do my job and in this time of budget cuts,t is so refreshing that we can work together to support people in Elmbridge who are in need of support. Some of these people literally have no one else to talk to or to support them so it is a pleasure to work with Walsingham Charity and Debbie Beach is a truly exemplary member of your team. 


Just wanted to say thank you for the support for Mrs X to attend the dementia groups, it really made a difference to both her and her son and particularly the respite break that Walsingham Care kindly funded, which was very important. It allowed a proper rest for the family and Mrs X was very well looked after whilst in respite which made the process smooth for all. The funding provided for her was exceptional and allowed her to enjoy social interaction and activities for her which she thoroughly enjoyed right up to the last few weeks of her life. This also allowed her son to continue caring for her up until she was admitted to hospital so thank you, it made a big difference.